• Question: What can we as secondary school children do to reverse and prevent climate change in these coming years?

    Asked by SoloistStar89 to Miranda, Jack on 18 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Miranda Bane

      Miranda Bane answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      That’s a really good question and one that i have often asked my self!
      Its difficult when climate change is such a huge problem and it is easy to feel really small and helpless in the face of it.
      What I say in this situation is the most important thing you can do is learn, talk and make everyday changes. If you can learn as much as possible about climate change then you will begin to understand how you can make a difference. And maybe you might end up being a climate scientist who saves the world! Then talk to people about what you have learned. This is really important. A lot of people don’t care that much about climate change because they don’t think it will affect them very much. You can explain to people the issue and what you are doing and maybe they will be inspired to help too. Everyday changes to your life style may seem small but in the long run they can make a big difference. For example try walking, cycling or getting the bus instead of going somewhere in a car. You could get your whole family on board with this. Try and eat less meat, especially beef. Rearing cows for food has a huge environmental impact. If you eat chicken instead you are reducing your impact by a huge amount, or even be vegetarian on some days. I am a vegetarian in the week and then have meat at the weekends only. Remember to turn things off when they aren’t being used and reuse or recycle everything you can! Don’t worry if you cant do all of these things. As long as you do something you can make a difference!